Become a multi-tasking browsing grand master !

Enjoy multi-profile multi-proxy browsing sessions, build and organize
your workspaces as they best fit your daily operations,
create and customize split screens to monitor different workspaces at the same time.

Smart Software That Makes Browsing Painless and Relaxing.

The all-new BricoBrowser is a next generation browser software that makes easy, fast and secure your browsing personal and professional tasks.

Spend less time preparing for your tasks and more time browsing.


What do we want to solve?

Feature 1

Do you listen to music or watch a movie while browsing the web, replying to emails and scrolling your social media newsfeed?

Feature 2

We all get tired of flipping through different browsers and logging in/out from our multiple identity profiles. With BricoBrowser, social media multitasking is made easy.

Feature 3

Do you need to access online content from multiple geolocations simultaneously and find it very frustrating to use multiple virtual machines or change VPN each time?


BricoBrowser was built to help you

BricoBrowser lets you have in the same window up to 4 screens, each of them using a different identity and a different proxy.

Top 3 benefits for You!
Benefit 1

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by superior browsing session organization into Workspaces and Screen visualization customization.

Benefit 2

Easy Identities Management

Simplify your work by parallel multiple social media profile logins and managing your notifications so you don't miss a thing.

Benefit 3

Smart Proxies

Maintain anonymity and get access to online content from various countries through intelligent proxy setups.


Check out our list of awesome features and functionalities we developed for your delightment.

Feature 1

Build your Workspaces

BricoBrowser introduces the concept of Workspaces that allows users to split their online activities

Feature 2

Browse with Proxies

You can use proxies to verify a specific content online from different countries, or to bypass restrictions.

Feature 3


Create your own customized split visualization screen by combining up to 4 resources chosen from any of the workspaces.

Feature 4

Configurable Java Scripts on page load

Following the request of some of our power users we added the possibility to inject custom JavaScript to basically tweak any part of a website.

Feature 5

Light/Dark mode

Choose the theme that suits you.

Feature 6

Manage To Do List and Notes

A practical to-do list sets you off in the right direction and helps you focus on the tasks that are most important to you.

Feature 7

Graphical Status Page

As we all experience with any Web browser, each page that we load takes a good amount of memory from our computer.

Feature 8


While visualizing the status of a workspace you can see which one consumes the most

Feature 9

Split Workspace

Each workspace has its own independent split capability to let you open side by side any resources contained in the workspace.

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